Glass working Murano

Lavorazione vetro Murano


Regularly, in my laboratory, I’m throwing meeting with friends and potential customers by showing my manufacturing techniques that are the result of a forty-year experience. Our is an ancient tradition, that has been handed down over the course of the centuries in craft shops by very important masters to be able to blow and shape one of the most Italian precious glass. Like glass working Murano artists, we pass on love and passion, perceptible in every single piece of our creations. During these meetings, while I shape new works, I try to show the soul of the timeless masterpieces realized on the island of Murano where, any singular piece is the witness of the artistic and cultural secular heritage.
Lavorazione oggetti in vetro


The participants can makes videos during the creation of objects chosen by you like favor or mementos, for your special events. The video can be reproduced and showed at the guests during the events. Each individual work is signed by me. I work with very important customers and companies but also with private clients that would like have or send me on the creation of particular objects. My work are the result of a perfect synthesis between tradition, passion and artisanship. Participate in meetings organized in my workshop! Not to be missed!


  • Murrhine: it’s lying on pans, warmed and picked up out of the crystal, than it is melted and processed in gold leaf.
  • Filigree: Glass roads prepared on a warmed hot plate that subsequently is melted with crystal to be processing.
  • Glass cube processing: the glass cubes are disposed on an hot plate to form picture, they are warmed different from the murrhine and they are processed without crystal.
  • The Reticello technique: it’s a processing handed down to me by my master (Livio Campanello) fifty years ago. To learn about this technique head to my workshop, see it it’s magic!
  • Grit (ground glass): the grit is collected with crystal and when it melt creating color at the objects.
  • The processing of crystal in gold leaf: Crystal and gold leaf are processed reaching the merger, than the crystal are processed.


For detailed informations or orders don’t hesitate to get in touch or come see me in my laboratory. I’ll see you.