Murano glassmaker La Fornasotta

Blown glass and glassware

La Fornasotta
My furnace includes passion and creativity that they show in the achievement of different Murano glasse-blowers techniques. My job like glassmaker in Murano consists in makes both to realize the classic murrhine manufacture and the creation of original compositions using crystals, gold and glass powder.


Venetian glasse-blowers production has very ancient origins. Venetian artisans they haven’t had any difficult to maintain intact Alexandrian and roman inherited tradition to realize objects were all about miraculous and apotropaic designs belonging to southern pearls.


I employ this following techniques to reproduce the objects that specific products as commissioned: blown glass, murrhine, glassworks, beads and sculptures. Over the years, I learn all these working techniques thanks to shop experience near glass masters of Murano.


In my laboratory, I realize any kind of style and size Murano gadgets that give to Murano glass a firmer soul.
I replicate, only to order, chinese calendar animals.
Some of my works are on sale at Louvre Museum showroom.


All my works are a perfect synthesis of tradition and modern technics and they are also a real representation of the passion, inspiration and fantasy that every day I pass to my customers. Many world glassmakers came to learn my techniques and transmit me their working techniques to create new works together.



For detailed informations or orders don’t hesitate to get in touch or come see me in my laboratory. I’ll see you!