La Fornasotta

Guarantee certificate history

In 1966, Gabriele become his career like apprentice into an old Murano furnace. Since the beginning, his main ambition is to became a master and it’s for this reason that he commits itself to apprentice and study the most important Murano master techniques like Livio Campanella, Pino Signoretto and many others. In 1995 after several years of proven experience, La Fornasotta in Murano open by getting life’s dream and by acquiring the title of master by which he gives soul and body at the objects and creations .


For over forty years The Fornasotta works on commission with a Japan company called “Vivace di Tokyo” flanked by Mrs Yoko and every year she addressed to the master to order works. She rely on the master experience and his sophisticated technique that keeps secular artistic and cultural tradition alive. Gabriele regularly cooperate with his old masters.


The Fornasotta is a creative and figurative example of ancient glassmaking techniques. The activity does not just make to design exclusively classic works, but it design also works for personal desiners, antiquarians and on commission too. A lot of his works are exposed at the Louvre Museum in Paris. The master can be personalize any kind of object and any creation with Murano trademark artistic glass, a certificate trademark to guarantee the realization of glass products on the island of Murano. The Fornasotta is certificated by 061 label, introduced and regulated by Region of Veneto Law no.70 of the 23/12/1994.